Digital Volume Tomography

In the case of many diseases in the ear, nose and throat area as well as in the tooth and jaw area, exact imaging is essential for diagnosis. We offer you the latest digital X-ray technology: Digital Volume Tomography (SCS Med Series H30). This technique combines many advantages. It is a three-dimensional X-ray process that provides particularly high-resolution 3D images of the head, neck and jaw area. The information content is significantly higher compared to previous 2D images. Digital Volume Tomography allows for an excellent assessment of bony structures and their surroundings with regard to many issues:

• Diagnosis of sinus diseases also before surgeries and dental implants,
• Sinus infections, cysts and polyps in the sinuses
• Middle ear disease
• Diagnosis of chronic otitis media and ear malformations
• Diseases of the jaw, individual teeth or tooth roots
• Diagnosis of midface bone injuries

Digital Volume Tomography (Cone Beam Tomography) creates cross-sectional images of the head at high speed. After a brief examination, we can show you the pictures during the consultation and discuss them with you directly. This special X-ray procedure does not require a narrow tube that would make you feel claustrophobic. We only adapt a headrest, so this procedure is also non-problematic for patients with claustrophobia.

We can then view an exact image of your anatomy from all angles on a monitor and discuss it with you. We achieve all of this with minimal radiation exposure, equivalent to a maximum of 50 percent of normal computed tomography. The low radiation density compared to a regular CT examination also reduces the risk of eye lens disease.

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