Treatment of changes in the larynx

Are you hoarse for a long time and there is no improvement at all? You should definitely have this examined by an ear, nose and throat specialist. We can assess your mucous membranes through a detailed examination of the larynx. We are able to detect changes in the vocal cords, such as vocal cord edema (Reinke’s edema), vocal cord nodules or vocal cord polyps. In very rare cases, malignant tissue changes are also a possible cause.

To examine your larynx, we not only use the latest technology, but also work with stroboscopy. This also enables us to examine functional disorders such as voice fatigue, problems speaking or singing.

If the examination reveals changes in the mucous membrane, a larynx operation may be necessary. We carry out these interventions with the most gentle, minimally invasive techniques under the microscope using short-term anesthesia. Larynx surgery always takes place under general anesthesia. We carefully remove all changes to the vocal cord under microscopic control and in most cases fully restore your vocal cord function.

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