Ear ventilation disorders

Ear pressure? We all know it. For example, during plane takeoff and landing, in the ski lift or while diving. In most cases, yawning or equalizing the pressure will resolve the problem. In some people, however, this pressure equalization is disturbed. The so-called Eustachian tube (tuba eustachii) has a dysfunction. This means that it can lead to permanent pressure, ear pain or even hearing impairment. As part of an in-depth examination of the ears, nose and ear trumpets, we decide together with you which treatment method makes sense.

To alleviate your symptoms, we of course offer you comprehensive diagnostics and state-of-the-art therapies. In addition to nasal surgery, this can also mean the gentle widening of the ear trumpet. As part of a minimally invasive procedure under short-term anesthesia, which only takes a few minutes, we use a balloon to expand your ear trumpet by a few—but important—millimeters. This so-called tube dilation has a lasting positive effect for over 70 percent of the treated patients. The normal function of the ear trumpet is restored and the stressful symptoms disappear.

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