Sleep Center

Health and quality of life are built on healthy sleep.

We gain our energy for the daily challenges in a restful sleep. However, every fourth German suffers from disturbed sleep. Sleep disorders have a huge impact on physical and emotional health, memory, and our quality of life.

In our center for sleep medicine we treat your sleep according to the latest findings of conventional medicine and complementary medicine. Our specialists from the fields of ear, nose and throat medicine, cardiology and dentistry offer you a comprehensive clarification of your sleep problems. In addition to intensive consultation and anamnesis, this includes examinations such as sleep endoscopy, outpatient polygraphy (the “small” sleep laboratory) and inpatient polysomnography, the classic sleep laboratory. For your stay in the sleep laboratory, you will be accommodated in exclusive single rooms with a hotel character. The measurement is carried out with the most modern sleep medicine devices - the wireless NOX system for maximum measurement accuracy and patient comfort.

As part of your treatment, we address your symptoms and your well-being individually and discuss the possible therapy options with you, which are always based on the latest findings in sleep medicine and the recommendations of the German Society for Sleep Medicine. These include the treatment of sleep apnea by initiating CPAP mask therapy, the adjustment of a protrusion dental splint (the so-called snoring splint) or surgical measures for the throat or nose. The consequences of sleep disorders, such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, etc. can also be comprehensively clarified and treated as part of your treatment.

Your treatment is complemented by a nutrition and exercise concept, which has been proven to have a positive influence on restoring healthy sleep and increasing your quality of life.

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