Our specialized ear, nose and throat medicine practice in the interdisciplinary specialist RKM740 clinic has been there for you since June 1st. Book your desired date easily using our online form. We are happy to answer any questions you may have via email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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In my private practice I offer you the comprehensive spectrum of ear, nose and throat medicine. From diagnostics to therapy. My goal: to alleviate your complaints. And thus a significantly better quality of life.

Doctor's office tour

You should feel comfortable with me. That's why I not only rely on the latest medical technology in my ENT practice, but also on a special ambience. So that you can slow down a bit in the hectic everyday life and we can find the necessary rest. For you, your questions and your health.

Sleep Center

Health and quality of life are built on healthy sleep.

We gain our energy for the daily challenges in a restful sleep. However, every fourth German suffers from disturbed sleep. Sleep disorders have a huge impact on physical and emotional health, memory and our quality of life.

In our interdisciplinary sleep center you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your sleep using the most modern diagnostic measures. We work out an individual therapy concept for you.

  • Sleep consultation hours
  • Polygraphy (outpatient sleep laboratory)
  • Polysomnography (stationary sleep laboratory)
  • CPAP mask adjustment / review
  • Snore splints (protrusion splints)
  • Diagnostic sleep endoscopy
  • Snoring Surgery
  • holistic sleep advice
  • NightLase® snoring laser

Vertigo Center

Dizziness is a serious experience for the patient concerned and is one of the most common reasons for a doctor’s visit.

In our interdisciplinary vertigo center, we get to the bottom of the causes of your complaints with the most modern diagnostic measures and develop an individual therapy concept for you.

  • Dizziness consultation hours
  • Equilibrium nerve diagnostics
  • Otoneurological diagnostics
  • DVT diagnostics
  • Dental clarification
  • orthopedic clarification
  • cardiac evaluation

Directly next door:

Our partner hotel 'The Zipper – Hotel & Apartments'

Perfect for your recovery after outpatient procedures, ideal for companions, perfect for evaluating your sleep with our outpatient sleep laboratory:

Take advantage of the direct proximity to our partner hotel ‘The Zipper – Hotel & Apartments.’ In the same building, just a few floors above our ENT medical practice, you will find one of the most exceptional hotels in Düsseldorf. ‘The Zipper’ offers you maximum comfort and an appealing, high-quality ambiance. And, incidentally, one of the most spectacular views over the Rhine.

If you have a longer journey, staying in our partner hotel is the perfect combination with an appointment with Prof. Dr. Christoph Bergmann. Reduce stress, treat yourself to relaxation. And in the case of medical necessity, the distances are remarkably short.

Additionally, the hotel offers exclusive pricing conditions for patients of our ENT practice. Our practice team is also happy to assist you in planning your stay.

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